Word on the Street

speech-bubblesWell, it’s about time I sit and write again before I start losing my support team.

I’ve been holding out for something new and exciting to tell you all about, especially hoping to give more progress reports on the new house we’re building but as it goes, things got delayed during the holidays and we found out yesterday by doing our own online research and making a phone call to “the county” that the application for our building permit didn’t go in until January 10th!  Our builder assures us that the house will be their #1 priority and they will have it ready in time for us to move in by the time our lease runs out here at the end of April.

Word on the street is that our permit should be granted next week and within a couple of days of that, the place will have the concrete forms poured & be rough plumbed…AND & trusses will be delivered next week as well.  We hear.

I guess if Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover Home Edition can build, furnish, and landscape a monstrosity of a house in 3 days, GHO Homes should be able to build our little humble abode in 3.5 months…right?



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